Foreplay For Dummies

Few things on this planet get me more excited than a mouthful of pussy… on second thought, nothing does. It’s like an orally-operated remote control. So many buttons to push! And, oh the visuals. Just the thought of my eyes peering over her stomach, between her breasts, at her head tilted back as she writhes in ecstasy, is enough to make me bust a zipper. Or that luscious ass of hers hovering over my eyes as she presses herself into my mouth, grinding against my face, smothering me, covering me in her sweet nectar… God I love it!
“Fuck my face baby. Use my mouth to make you cum. I wanna taste you… drink you.”

But, just a little 411 for the guys out there:
While most of us would have no issue with a woman, cutting straight to the chase, and without warning, unzipping our flies and giving us head… women are different creatures.

We hear “foreplay” all the time, and like the word “God,” we all have our own idea of what it means. But unlike “God,” few people talk about it, or try to explain it. If anything, guys will ask other guys to explain what women want. That’s sorta like asking the zit-faced kid at your local McDonald’s, how to prepare a steak dinner. The odds are most likely not in your favor. Well, let’s just say, I’ve cooked quite a few amazing steaks in my time.

So… I hope you guys are taking notes.
While dancing fingers and tongues on her naughty bits may get those juices flowing, it’s not always the most effective way to get the action and explosions we love watching and being a part of.

Wanna rock her world? How about slowing down and making eye contact? I mean, looking into her eyes like you are peering into her soul. Connect with her. Not to imply that this be just a performance, but imagine for a minute, that you are an actor in a passionate sex scene. How do you convince the audience? By pouring yourself into the part, becoming the character. “Become” her. Imagine you are a part of her. Sensually caressing her, sliding your hands up and down her body (no, not there, not yet). Kiss her everywhere… lips, neck, shoulders, wrists, sides, tummy, (not yet), hips, legs, ankles… you know, everywhere but there. Tease her. We’re not in a race here guys. There’s plenty of time… use it. Get her so excited, so turned on, so out-of-her-mind that she wants to grab you by your fucking ears and shove your face between her thighs!

Another tidbit guys (and gals), joints are where the money’s at! All those bendy places are erogenous jackpots!

Now she’s ready, but don’t go for the gold just yet. Continue… slow… gentle. Glide your tongue softly down those delicate creases where her thighs meet her sweet little paradise. Now slide your mouth across the surface of her puss, as she feels the warmth of your breath against her… slide your tongue into her… gently. Now do your thing stud! BINGO!

Contrary to popular belief, orgasms are not all created equal. Orgasms are like sweets. You can give her a quick cookie… or… take her to The Cheesecake Factory! Orgasms are energy releases. The more you energize her; the bigger the release.

Bottom line dudes… pay attention to her communication with you. I’m not talking about words here guys. I mean body language… every twitch, every sigh, every moan… all of it. Let her guide you. Then, take her!

Trust me… when she’s done trembling… she’ll thank you.


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